Get new trends and ideas for website, startup and Growth Hacking

We look for new websites with rapid growth and prepare "before" and "after" analytical reports.

Every day there are new startups, indie projects and websites that use unique growth hacking strategies, and are growing very fast! 🚀 Some of them are becoming new trends, like Clubhouse. You're bound to hear about these projects from media and social media.

But there are plenty of websites that are at the very beginning of new trends, and may never become a trend. They'll never be written about in the media, your favorite blogger won't tell you about them, and you just can't find out about them. Unless one stumbles upon them by accident 🤪

Such projects can do free micro niches in the online business: micro-SaaS, indie hacker projects, small online stores. They may be small now, but they could be the new trend for years to come! Or simply bring their owners a six-figure income in the complete absence of competition and media attention.

Whatsfy reports will help you find 🕵️

  • New trends in their infancy.
  • New competition-free niches and markets in business
  • New ideas for online businesses
  • New product and startup ideas
  • New working SEO and Growth Hacking strategies

Our reports consist of detailed SEO analysis of new websites that have shown great growth in the last month, in a "before" and "after" format. Which will allow you to explore the case in more detail and see the strategies for growth and the reasons for it.

Whatsfy will be useful for

  • novice IT entrepreneur
  • SEO specialist
  • startup owner
  • product manager
  • indie hacker

All reports are categorized by: language, subject, growth percentage, traffic. And each report can be purchased separately.

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